Interning with Royal Carolina| Antonio Roberson


Royal Carolina where quality service meets personal care.

I have been with Royal Carolina for almost a year as a marketing/business development intern, and it’s been great. Being able to stretch myself and see my true potential on top of realizing where my passion and future career.


If you would ask me what I expected coming into this internship I would tell you nothing of what was actually reality. I stretched myself realizing that you never know what experiences can come out of the unexpected. This internship opened my eyes to a multitude of experiences upon walking in the door. Understanding the manufacturing industry and how impactful it is to the daily lives has enlightened. From learning what “nonwoven” and “woven” goods mean to how fabrics are ever evolving and becoming more advanced and functional. 

With this internship, I would definitely say that being able to come with an open mind and taking each day as a new lesson and learn something new was the key. Pushing myself to go after knowledge and new initiatives for the company’s vision and brand set the pace. 

With a mindset like that, I was able to take on major projects that directly affected the company. Helping redesign the website, introduce, design, and carry out new processes for shipping samples. By far the best part of this internship is being able to take ideas and put them into place. Being able to create a comprehensive catalog of the company’s capabilities and brochure redesign to give to new or potential customers.

The best part about my experience at Royal Carolina is being able to work with my supervisor Shannon. She allowed me to struggle in this new role to see what my future could hold.

This company’s culture is very close niche and that gives it a true family feel.

I will always believe that Royal Carolina is where you can go for all your printing and finishing needs. Prides itself on quality services and personal care that will have you feeling like a member of the family. Royal Carolina has been the best experience for me to truly grow and find my purpose.