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Royal Carolina where quality service meets personal care.

I have been with Royal Carolina for almost a year as a marketing/business development intern, and it’s been great. Being able to stretch myself and see my true potential on top of realizing where my passion and future career.


If you would ask me what I expected coming into this internship I would tell you nothing of what was actually reality. I stretched myself realizing that you never know what experiences can come out of the unexpected. This internship opened my eyes to a multitude of experiences upon walking in the door. Understanding the manufacturing industry and how impactful it is to the daily lives has enlightened. From learning what “nonwoven” and “woven” goods mean to how fabrics are ever evolving and becoming more advanced and functional. 

With this internship, I would definitely say that being able to come with an open mind and taking each day as a new lesson and learn something new was the key. Pushing myself to go after knowledge and new initiatives for the company’s vision and brand set the pace. 

With a mindset like that, I was able to take on major projects that directly affected the company. Helping redesign the website, introduce, design, and carry out new processes for shipping samples. By far the best part of this internship is being able to take ideas and put them into place. Being able to create a comprehensive catalog of the company’s capabilities and brochure redesign to give to new or potential customers.

The best part about my experience at Royal Carolina is being able to work with my supervisor Shannon. She allowed me to struggle in this new role to see what my future could hold.

This company’s culture is very close niche and that gives it a true family feel.

I will always believe that Royal Carolina is where you can go for all your printing and finishing needs. Prides itself on quality services and personal care that will have you feeling like a member of the family. Royal Carolina has been the best experience for me to truly grow and find my purpose.

The Internship

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It is the unexpected that changes our lives.

The internship experience this year changed my life.

I love sharing knowledge and experiences. I believe there is reciprocity in everything if you are open to accepting it. When I approached UNCG a year and a half ago, I knew I needed to be open to learning from the younger generation. They are learning the newest & freshest ideas and skills. I have also come to understand they have a different perspective.

Going into this I did not know what to expect but I was excited to learn what the experience would bring.  I wanted to include him in the decision-making process and to talk through ideas and strategy. I wanted to create an immersive experience that would help catapult him into the next phase of his life.

When Antonio walked through our doors, I was filled with excitement. I was ready to look at things with a fresh perspective but I had no idea what this year would hold. I didn’t know how it would affect me. Antonio’s willingness to listen and to push us both to our limit is what made this year so special.

Once the internship started…

His eagerness to learn and drive to succeed and to make his family proud was inspiring. He was applying his technology studies to our marketing strategy. He was a huge part of our strategic planning sessions and offered valuable insights regularly. I was blown away by his confidence and willingness to fight for what he believes in. He sat in customer, sales, and production meetings to learn the industry. He was able to articulate ideas easily and as the second semester came around; he was working independently and contributing daily. I was so impressed that I made him our social media coordinator. The second semester flew by and we created content at a faster pace.

Antonio and I have been a great match. Our enthusiasm for what we do each day runs through us like an electric current driving us forward. We have fun, we love to think big, dream big. Our discussions ranged from life and career advice to advanced textile manufacturing, the state of the economy and the impact it will have on us here in NC. We discussed current events and seamlessly wove it into our daily tasks as we worked together to create a body of marketing materials, both digital and print. I would like to believe I helped shape this incredible young man, but I know I was the one who changed for the better. I grew with each interaction. I was given the gift of a fresh perspective. I was able to take my experience and layer it with his unaffected views.

As the internship draws to a close…

I will be sad when he walks out of our doors for the last time, but my excitement that his time here has led him down a new path and into a career fills me with pride. I am so proud of what he has accomplished, shared, created, and the impact he has had on our company and on me. I am grateful for the reciprocity.

Feature in Nonwovens Magazine: Company Capabilities

This special annual section features advertising and advertorial material written by industry suppliers. Designed to give Nonwovens Industry readers the opportunity to learn more about the companies with which they deal regularly, these profiles allow advertisers to highlight select products, technologies and services. Now in its 34th year, Company Capabilities reflects the goal of giving advertisers a forum to tell our readers about the latest products and services available from their companies. The participants in this year’s Company Capabilities range from manufacturers of machinery and raw materials to roll goods producers and suppliers of commission converting services. – See more at: Nonwovens Magazine

We are excited to be featured in the latest Nonwovens magazine for their company capabilities edition. Be sure to grab a copy and check out our page!

2017 Company Capabilities

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A Carolina Story – My Family and Textiles in North Carolina

A Carolina Story – Sometimes you lose sight of how far you have come.

Recently, I watched the documentary called Still Standing – The Real Story of the NC Textile Industry. (H. (2013). Retrieved December 22, 2016, from Youtube) It was very informative and detailed the roots of our great state of North Carolina. It made me proud to know I was part of this textile legacy’s past, present, and future.

“Little did I know then how woven into our lives this business would become.”



Skintex MRIII Blankets

Olympic Team

US Olympic Swimmers in Charlotte

On July 8th, WFMY News 2 featured a segment on Skintex MRIII Blankets and the US Olympic team. Pulcra Chemical is providing the US Olympic team with treated blankets and clothing for their trip to Rio. “Hard to imagine a blanket could solve the Zika problem. A blanket made with a chemical that repels, even kills, mosquitoes. The blankets are made here locally and will be used to keep our Olympic athletes safe in Rio” as WFMY’s Chad  Silber states in the video. 


Textiles and the AMERICAN DREAM

American Flag design on a ladderJuly 4th is celebrated as the birth of American independence, with festivities from fireworks, parades, concerts, family gatherings and barbecues. With the hustle of our daily lives, we sometimes forget to step back and think about how far we have come. Here at Royal Carolina we cannot help but to stop and reflect on the opportunities we’ve had. Being a small family owned business in the textile industry, we understand challenges, obstacles, and sacrifice, however, we have persevered with quality service and personal care. What does that mean exactly: quality service and personal care?


Meet our Staff- Alice

Our staff is the heartbeat of our company.

We are excited to highlight Alice. Our goal is to evolve and advance our technology and processes, this starts with great talent and a positive work environment. We hope you enjoy learning more about who we are!

Printed Fabric on Display at TechTextil in Atlanta

We visited TechTextil Atlanta in May. We partnered with a local fabric company, McComb Industries to display printed fabric samples. We are excited to continue to develop new partnerships here in NC.   


Meet Our Staff- Phil

Our staff is the heartbeat of our company.

We are excited to highlight Phil. Our goal is to evolve and advance our technology and processes, this starts with great talent and a positive work environment. We hope you enjoy learning more about who we are!


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Nonwoven Industry Ad

Take a look at our spotlight in the Nonwovens Industry Magazine: May Edition. We are excited to share this because it is our first ever magazine ad. 

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