Royal Carolina’s Brand Evolution



cropped logoThe Royal Carolina brand evolution includes a new logo and tagline. This undertaking has been very exciting for Royal Carolina and has allowed our team to focus on our unique strengths. Quality Service and Personal Care speaks to who we are and what we do. Over the years, Royal Carolina’s focus has consistently remained on providing the best quality printing. We work with our customers and offer more than a service, we give a customized experience. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of the process. Our experienced team is available to guide you from development through production.

Royal Carolina SignRoyal Carolina is proud of our heritage but looks forward to the future. Over the last year, Royal Carolina’s team has grown to include a Material Control Coordinator, Quality Control Manager, Business Development Manager and a new General Manager. Alice Parker, daughter of Founding President, Felix Euforbia succeeds her father as President of Royal Carolina Corporation. With the addition of these new team members, Royal Carolina has retained a dedicated and experienced staff in all other roles.

In 2012 we added flexo printing to our list of services. This high volume, low-cost solution to printing has enabled us to reach a wider customer base. We are able to print not only woven and nonwoven goods, but also large roll paper at width from 15″ to 64″. This year we have added slitting capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. We increased our services and continue to grow by meeting the changing needs of our clients. The video below shows the flexo printing process which we added in 2012.

Every company must evolve to stay relevant in an ever-changing business climate. As a team, we looked internally at our processes and the value we bring to our customers. After months of research, feedback from current customers, and many tissue sessions we emerged with a fresh new look, a vision for the future, and updated values and purpose. This has been a great exercise for Royal Carolina. We roll out our new look with pride and look forward to continuing to serve our customers.