Screenprinting Services

Rotary Screen Print

Rotary screen printing uses woven metal mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The stencil forms open areas where ink pushes through and transfers to the substrate using a roller or blade. One color prints per screen, so several screens used together to create high quality, multi-colored designs. The belt guides the substrate under the cylinders that rotate place. These machines print on continuous roll fabric (both woven and nonwoven). Our standard MOQ is 10,000 yards per order. We offer trial pricing for smaller orders as well as for development work.

Flexo Printing

Flexo Printing

Flexo printing is a low-cost solution for your high volume (30,000+ yards) print needs. Contact us to learn more! Our FLEXO prints up to four colors on woven, nonwoven or paper goods for just pennies a yard. Customizing your products has never been easier or more cost-effective. We want to work with you to help bring your ideas to life. We offer trial pricing for smaller orders as well as for development work.

water droplets on coated fabric


The finishing process adds ink or chemicals through a bath or coating to improve the natural properties of the fabric and increases its serviceability. There are many uses for woven or nonwoven goods with specific enhanced properties. Pad dying fabric offers customization with added color choices. Adding Durable Water Resistant protects the fabric from both oil and water and is used in many industries to improve performance or durability. Our standard MOQ is 10,000 yards per order. We offer trial pricing for smaller orders as well as for development work.

sample of FRP

Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Royal Carolina provides a wide variety of printed veils for the Fiber Reinforced Plastics market. Our veil printing includes many different wood grain, camouflage, and carbon fiber looks, as well as custom printing. Our team of experienced professionals is available to assist from product development through production.

Sample of FRP

Coatings: Industries Served

Royal Carolina offers Standard and Fire Retardant coatings using Acrylic, Urethane, and Blends. Our Finishing/Coating ranges includes a Stork 2 Head CT-IV Printer/Coater inline with a Morrison Padder and a 3 pass Marshall Williams Dryer/Tenter.