Skintex MRIII Blankets

Olympic Team

US Olympic Swimmers in Charlotte

On July 8th, WFMY News 2 featured a segment on Skintex MRIII Blankets and the US Olympic team. Pulcra Chemical is providing the US Olympic team with treated blankets and clothing for their trip to Rio. “Hard to imagine a blanket could solve the Zika problem. A blanket made with a chemical that repels, even kills, mosquitoes. The blankets are made here locally and will be used to keep our Olympic athletes safe in Rio” as WFMY’s Chad  Silber states in the video. 

WCNC News in Charlotte also covered the story.
Watch both stories using the links below.
In the picture to the left are Olympians Katie Meili, Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Cammile Adams, Kathleen Baker, Anthony Ervin and  in the center is SwimMac Coach Dave Marsh who is also the US Olympic Women’s Head Coach. SwimMac/Coach Marsh is highly regarded as the “place to go” if you want to become/be an Olympian swimmer. 
US Olympic Gear treated with MRIII

US Olympic Gear treated with Skintex MRIII

We are excited to be one of the manufacturers producing this life-saving blanket. We are an EPA Registered Establishment #91743-NC-001 for Skintex MR III Finishing.